Human Power Services Co., Ltd. (Myanmar)

Company Reg. No. 766/2005 & Recruitment L/C No. 35/2010

We Recruit Myanmar Workers for Malaysia

We would like to summarize the formal basic co-operation procedure with our Malaysia partners.

Please let me know if you are in general agreement with these suggestions and give us some idea of the market prospects for our recruiting services and suggest ways in which we could help you to develop the competitive marketing in both side. ( I look forward to receiving you first demand letter.)

Our Services for Employers

Arrange selection tests according to employers requirements. For example, Language skill test, I.Q test, Practical tests, (welding, Auto-CAD, spray, painting, carpenter, so on..)

·  Arrange phone interview

·  Video recording for skill tests and send to employer

·  Free of charge for Inquiry

·  Arrange specific possible trainings for certain quantity requirement

Employer Benefits

·  Cost sharing for visiting country for interview for certain quantity of demand.

·  Visit new country for getting labors, at the same time finding new opportunities and have sight seeing!

·  Hotel, transportation, meal arrangement (A to Z)


·  Inquiry of worker availability and negotiation on requirements

·  Send "Demand Letter" (with endorsement from Myanmar embassy if it is necessary)

·  Send CVs and required documents

·  Interview by phone or check interview record video or self interview

·  Decide for selection with some reserve

·  Arrange required documents for selected persons

·  Send official calling visa

·  Fix arrival date

·  Fetch work group at the concerned air port


Our Services for Employee

·  Free of Charge CV and concerning qualification record in linked foreign employment agencies' offices

·  Find suitable job, post

·  Free advise on jobs

·  Support passport application service

·  Aware of danger job positions

·  Arrangement of better jobs (e.g. Restaurant waiter instead of general worker, certain technical workers, so on)

·  Arrangement of job positions based on your skills

·  Arrangement of jobs which can get technical or knowledge achievement after employment contract

·  Free advice for passport application

·  For general workers post, better chance for English and Mandarin speaking people instead of general workers

·  Only male can apply for foreign jobs

·  Bargain to employers to have reasonable benefits according to agreed demand letters (if employers not follow according to agreed demand letter/ employment contracts)

·  Negotiate to employers to try to get compensation according to insurance rules for accident cases

Employee's Benefits

·  Having better income and suitable job finding chance

·  Having your CVs and skill test video record in employment agencies in other countries. So, it will be better chance to get better jobs

·  Support in required procedures

·  Free of charge accommodation in Yangon City during processing some procedures for foreign jobs

·  Language training available during waiting for departure


·  Inquiry on foreign jobs

·  Medical check up for concerned countries

·  Arrange passport and required documents

·  Wait for suitable jobs

·  Sit for interview (if it is necessary)

·  Make employment contract and sign acknowledgment

·  Apply visa

·  Arrange for departure

·  Wait for departure date

·  Go to concerned countries for jobs

Requirement of Applicants

·  The one who want to work at foreign countries must have your own concense

·  The one who has good health condition

·  Generally, age should be between 18 years to 35 years

·  Completed required documents

Required Documents of Applicants

·  Health examination certificate (Original)

·  Photo (Total = 18 pieces)

·  C.V

·  Passport (Original)

·  C.O.E (for Malaysia jobs) (Original)
Remark: Other Documents may require based on posts and countries.

Required Documents for application of passport

·  Color Photo (12 pieces) + (4 pieces for Labour card application and Form 19)

·  National Identity Card (Original + 4 copies)

·  Official Family members list certificate (Than Gaung Sa Yin) (Original + 4 copies)

·  Labour card (to apply at Yangon Labour office)

·  Form 17 (to apply at your concerned township tax office)

·  Form 19 (to apply in Yangon)

Suggestion for employee/workers

·  Follow the rules of the concerned countries

·  Follow the rules and disciplines of the concerned factories/ work places

·  Work hard

·  Never quarrel or fight with other workers

·  Never use drugs or addict things

·  Never drunk

·  Avoid of unsafe sex

·  Be careful of health by yourself